Mole excision post care in more details?

Hi. Its been over two weeks since my op. After eleven days my stitches were removed and only after exactly two weeks I removed my dressing. Scab formed on the wound but I probably made a mistake putting some vaseline on which resulted in what I suspect a scab dissolving causing bit of liquid blood from the wound. I have read somewhere online that while scab is still there no ointment should be used and I just feel every day delayed might cause scarring.Can I wash the scab off and apply vaseline?

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Post care for a mole removal

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You actually don't want a scab or crusts of blood to form at all while a site is healing. When this occurs, new skin will form under this, so that when the scab or crust eventually does come off, you will have a scar or a divet. To properly care for a removal site you need to keep it clean (I personally recommend 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide) and then goop it up with Vaseline or Polysporin. Keep it this way until new pink skin is forming.

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