Mole Excision Infection?

Hello i had a mole extraction by excision 2 weeks ago. today i change my band aid and i notice bleeding on the wound, i discover a hole on the wound and blood start to come out. i press the wound and some kind of "tissue material" comes out, its like on the procedure some tissue gets inside the wound and get infected. i will visit my plastic surgeon tomorrow but i want to know if this is normal, because i dont want scarring. The surgeon have a mistake? on letting tissue inside? or is normal?

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Mole removal

I recommend that you follow-up with your surgeon for an evaluation and to go over post-care procedure to minimize scarring.

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Mole removal recovery and care

The incision may have partially broken down or developed a mild infection.  Usually this does not result in permanent scarring or changes.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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