Mole Biopsy with 'Something in it'?

I have a history of Dysplastic Nevi with 3 biopsies 3yrs ago (precancerous w/subsequent excisions). At today's full body check they did 4 more & I have to go back in 2 wks another 5. Four months ago i noticed a scaley slightly sore/itchy light brown spot on back. It was biopsied today since it was still scaly & darker brown. During this biopsy I heard Dr tell nurse "there is something in this one" I felt pushing and proding and i can tell this went way deeper all the others. Should I worry?

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Should I worry about a mole removal

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It's good you get checked often so congratulations on that - and keeping an eye on things that seem like they may be growing or changing. "There is something in this one" is by no means a clinical statement or diagnosis. You should not worry until the pathology report comes back and a full diagnosis can be given.

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