I Had a Mole Biopsy and the Report Result Are Below. Should I Worry? Should The Mole Be Removed?

Compoubd Nevus with Architectural disorder and mild cytologic atypia (Dysplastic Nevus); Extending to one lateral margin. Comment: Sections show lentiginoushyperplasia, epidermal melanocyte atypia with mild nuclear enlargment, bridging of rete ridges by junctional nest,and lamellar fibroplasia

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Dear Frank1234

Pathology reports can be fairly confusing to patients, and frankly although I spent some time during one of my residencies at  a pathology referral institute; I also find that they often speak a "foreign language".  However in this case your report indicates a lesion or "mole" that has some worrisome features, and while not an invasive cancer (yet) ; because of residual on a lateral margin; it requires further excision.  Don't panic but do get back with your surgeon to complete this ( and have him/her explain this to you in terms you can understand and answer your questions)    Good luck

                                                      Dr. Lugger

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