Are there Doctors in Florida Who Accept BCBS PPO as Payment for Mohs Surgery?

Is there any Dr. that will accept the BCBS PPO as payment in full for Mohs surgery near Lake Placid,FL or anywhere is S. Fl. I really need to have the surgury but I do not have the 20%. 'Two area's are in need of surgery. Thank you for your help.

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Mohs and Insurance

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Physicians who accept any insurances must follow the guidelines for those insurances, or they can be dropped from being allowed to provide for that insurance. Thus, if  your insurance requires that you pay 20% of the procedure, a physician must have you pay that or they cannot bill the insurance for the procedure. You may be able to work out a payment plan for your portion with an office, but as a provider they must have the patients pay the co-insurances, co-pays, etc. that the insurances require. Additionally, Mohs can only be done to one site at a time, per insurance guidelines. You will need to wait approximately 30 days or more between procedures to allow for proper billing terms.

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