How long after finding squamous on my nose can I wait to have surgery?

I'm having MOHS surgery on 7/10 but found out on 5/22 for squamous on side of nose Is that too late? They have nothing sooner.

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How long can I wait for Mohs surgery

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There are often times when based on patient's or physician's schedules that we have to wait a bit for a surgery to be performed. What you are stating is less than 2 months time, so it is just fine to wait that long. An SCC is slow growing, so there will not be that much change in that timeframe.

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Mohs surgery and squamous cell cancer on the nose

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Usually if the lesion is treated within a few weeks to 1-2 months that should not be a major issue. If your cancer is aggressive, it might need to be treated sooner. 

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