Mohs Correction on Scalp With Scalp Extender Treatment?

female, late 40's who had mohs on scalp 1 year ago. stitches were too tight & subsequently opened leaving a nickel sized circular scar. recommended to use scalp extenders to correct. am unsure of what exactly this process entails. major process? was advised there is no risk of additional hair loss in the area (the scar i have now there is no hair). will my scar be minimized and to what extent. i am trying to understand how this is done? is it successful?

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Scarring after Mohs of scalp

The scalp can be a difficult area to close. It is noncompliant and needs extensive scoring to free up. Local flaps can sometimes be used if the defect is small. Otherwise you need the tissue expanders.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Scalp Extender Treatment

I'm a bit confused. Who advised you to do this? If the original site opened, why wasn't it re-sutured closed? I'm unsure why a scalp extension procedure, which was pioneered in Europe originally and was used for large bands or sections of missing hair, would have been recommended, as that seems very excessive for something of this size. I would consult with a surgical dermatologist first. I would most likely recommend a removal, possibly in 2 stages, of the scar, which will close the site back up and then there would be no need to do an extension procedure, which seems to me to be excessive, painful, very expensive. and time consuming.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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