What is the best way to pay for breast implants with no credit? (Photo)

I'm 20 years old, I have two part time jobs. I want to get implants asap. How much money should I save up before I set up consultation? And is there any other way I can pay for the procedure without any credit? (Besides saving cause I'm already doing it and it's taking a long time!) I'm very insecure with my breast size (32b small B) I'm 5'1 and 104lbs. I would like to be a full C cup or small D I would prefer silicone but I do not want to wait until I am 22. can I sign a contract to get it?

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Breast augmentation credit

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Care Credit is a company we use to help patients finance cosmetic surgery.  It all depends on your credit rating. Cosmetic surgery is considered an "unsecured" loan because there is no way to "re-posses" your surgery if you stop making payments on your surgery.  That is why surgeons only accept cash or go through companies that pay the surgeon cash and then charge the patient high interest rates as a trade-off for assuming the risk.

As far as silicone implants are concerned, you really have to wait until you are 22.  They can be used under the age of 22 but the warranty (10 years for the cost of surgery and lifetime for the implants) is voided.  In cases where insurance is being used for reconstructive purposes, the warranty is not an issue.  These are usually situations where there is some sort of congenital deformity or severe asymmetry and insurance companies have to pre-authorize the surgery.

If you wonder why you can join the military and die for your country at age 18, but you cannot choose to have a silicone implant, you are not alone.

What is the best way to pay for breast implants with no credit?

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If you have poor credit, or simply don't want to use credit the alternative is cash. Most patients will do just as you are doing...create a breast savings account. Many offices will let you do a layaway plan where you make payments to the office and once payments are complete the surgery takes place. Breast augmentation usually runs from $5 - 7K based on where you live. The standard around the country is prepayment for obvious reasons.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Financing your surgery

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Several offices (mine included) have "same as cash" financing for cosmetic but one must have reasonable credit. Otherwise, the costs may be quite high. This is always the case when one fiances. The cheapest way is always to save and pay cash. The intermediate way is to borrow from someone who trusts  you and will allow you to pay them back with minimal to no interests. 

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Obviously saving up is the simplest way but there are companies the doctors work with that may finance your surgery

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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What is the best way to pay for breast implants with no credit?

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YES! Save every month for 24 months to see the amount you have saved. You will need $5,000 at least... 

How to pay without credit

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You have a common question. The cost of a silicone gel implants is only a little more than the saline and many people prefer the feel and longevity of the silicone over the saline. Some plastic surgeons will use silicone gel implants "off label" in women under 22. There is no science stating that the behavior of a silicone gel implant is any different in an18 to 21 year old so this is safe. I do recommend that people make good financial decisions but a steady income and a good credit rate can be good for your credit rating too. Consider checking out the rates at Care Credit. The cost of breast augmentation varies in different areas of the country so make some calls to get an idea of the price. Good luck.

Affording breast augmentation with poor credit

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is challenging and the only option left for you is cash.   If you have relatives who can loan you money, you could consider asking them.  And there have been on-line sites where you plead your story for donations but I'm not even sure if these sites still exist.  Nor do I know what your obligation to your donors are.  Keep saving and consider saline (and accept the shortcomings of saline in thin patients) as it will drop your costs considerably.  As for gel, you can have gel 'off-label' when under 22 years of age.  You would have to find a surgeon familiar with this concept to achieve this.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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