Are Moderately Deep Peels or Laser Treatments (IPL & Photo Genesis) More Effective for Treating These?

freckles, wrinkles and dark spots on the face?

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Lasers vs Peels

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Deep peels are only effective when 1. done by properly trained physicians and physician-staff and 2. they remove actual skin, i.e. semi ablative peels. Otherwise they don't have the depth to get to the pigment irregularities by themselves. Lasers on the other hand are less ablative and more powered to go deeper into the skin without ablation. I would recommend you find a physician office to be seen for an in-person evaluation. I might actually recommend a laser series (like Syneron's FotoFacial system which has different treatment heads and penetrates deeper than many other IPL machines due to it's addition of a chiller during treatment), and some light chemical peels. But I would not recommend just deep or moderately deep peels alone, as with your skin tone and desired effects, I don't see it being enough. P.S. Wearing sunscreen daily will really help!

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