Can I Get IPL with Dark Skin and Problems with Hyperpigmentation?

moderately dark skin + problems with Hyper/Hypopigmentation = good candidate for IPL?

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IPL should not be used on dark complexions

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IPL should not be used on dark complexions since you may burn and be left with lighter areas, or you may develop darker pigmentation.  Consult a board certified dermatologist to have your hyperpigmentation assessed.  Fading creams and light chemical peels may help and you must use sun protection.

Toronto Dermatologist

Best not to get IPL if you have dark skin

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Dark skinned individuals are not the best candidates for IPL treatment. There are safer ways to improve hyperpigmentation without the potential for additional pigmentary issues. Prescription- strength lightening agents used alone or in conjunction with chemical peels can be very beneficial.

Speak with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist with experience treating hyperpigmenation in dark complected individuals.


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