Would a Moderate Profile Be Ok for my Frame? (photo)

Yet another question since I can't fit too much in each. I want the most natural look I can get. I lost a little bit of volume after breastfeeding but the shape didn't change much. I am having a second child in a couple of years and I want to get implants now so that they look more natural or drop more after breastfeeding. Would a moderate profile give me a more natural look? Will they be too close together due to the shape of my breast? Dr. recommended saline unders because I worry (375 CC) Breast aug is a week away.

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Moderate profile implants

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It is tough to say without actual examination, but overall please note that the same 375cc moderate profile implant is wider than a similar 375cc high profile implant, which means more cleavage and more lateral volume with the moderate profile. your plastic surgeon should be able to explain the difference and show you pictures of both types of implants and when they are used and which is the best choice in your case.

Best Breast Implant Profile for Me?

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Thank you for the question.

I think you will be better off allowing your carefully selected plastic surgeon to select a breast implant volume/profile that will best meet your goals. I would suggest that you spend more time communicating with your plastic surgeon (rather than online consultants).

This communication with your plastic surgeon will be critical in achieving your goals. Remember that a “natural look” can mean different things to different people; make sure that there is no confusion as to what these terms mean to you. In this regard, I prefer the use of “goal pictures”.

Best wishes with your upcoming surgery.


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