Is it any other way I can tighten my vagina without this procedure?

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Options for vaginal tightening

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Thanks for your question.  The type of vaginal tightening would depend on the severity of the vaginal stretching that is present.  If there is significant bulgin of the bladder or rectum to or through the opening then a more extensive repair would be needed.  If the symptoms are mainly decreased sexual sensation or minor urinary leakage then a more non-invasive treatment such as FemiLift could be done.  It simply will tighten the collagen support of the vagina using a laser in 3 separate treatments that will result in a noticable change after the first or second treatment.  An exam would be the best way to determine which is needed.  Thanks again for your question.

Dr. ODell

Non-invasive (FemiLift, ThermiVa) vs, surgical vaginal tightening vs combination of surgical AND non-invasive

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So-called "Non-invasive" procedures such as ThermiVa and FemiLift TIGHTEN SKIN ONLY. If your vaginal relaxation is secondary to vaginal childbirths with muscular stretching and damage, significant widening, and scar tissue with distortion and "drooping" of the opening, ThermiVa and other similar techniques are a waste of money. If ALL you seek is modest non-permanent shrinkage of the vaginal skin with 3 visits to the office over 3 months at  an average cost of $2500 for a treatment that lasts ~ 1- 1 1/2 years, then going back every 1+ years for another 3 treatments at another $2500, then go for it. However, if you have anything more than minimal relaxation, especially if your vaginal opening appears a bit "funky," consider visiting an experienced cosmetic gynecologist of urogynecologist for a "permanent" one-time surgical procedure at an out-the-door cost of $6500-$7500.

**A better use of FemiLift or ThermiVa is as an "add-on" to a surgical repair to modestly tighten the upper vagina and treat mild-modest stress urinary incontinence. The new "O-Shot(tm) is also valuable as an add-on to surgery.

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Your vaginal tightening options are...

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Vaginoplasty (surgery) produces the tightest and longest lasting results. It is the gold standard for vaginal tightening and when combined with any necessary pelvic floor reconstruction procedures, gives predictable excellent results. Nonsurgical options such as lasers (FemiLift, MonaLisa, etc), and low temperature RF (Thermiva) give temporary results that are not as intense, but these technologies also do other things that surgery cannot and may have benefits apart from vaginal tightening that suit certain women very well. The results you can expect from the nonsurgical options are dependent upon the condition of your vagina - if it's very loose, they might not produce enough of a change to satisfy your needs. Schedule a consultation with an expert in both surgical and nonsurgical options.

Options for vaginal tightening

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There are several choices for vaginal tightening depending on you degree of laxity and whether you have any vaginal prolapse as well. Vaginoplasty is a more definitive surgical procedure to restore the dimensions of the vaginal canal. Radiofrequency or Laser vaginal tightening are non-surgical options without the discomfort, risk, or downtime. Generally optimal results are achieved after 3 monthly treatments followed by annual touch up treatment. Each Treatment typically takes from 5-20 minutes depending on which energy source is used. 

I recommend seeking a surgeon dedicated to aesthetic vaginal surgery that performs both surgical and non-surgical procedures to make the best recommendation for you.

Peter Castillo, MD, FACOG
Bay Area Urogynecologist
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Tightening without surgery

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Dear Ms Young

There is a way to tighten without surgery and that is with radio frequency.  Specifically the procedure is called ThermiVa and can be done in office.  It is a 20 minute procedure performed 1-3 times 30- days apart or as needed.   The procedure is absolutely painless.... no pain whatsoever.  A probe is placed into the vagina and over a 20 minute period radiofreqeuncy is used to tighten the skin inside the vagina.  Most women see a dramatic improvement sexually but each individual is different.  In cases of advanced vaginal relaxation i.e. vaginal prolapse which usually is accompanied by pressure or a bulge in the vagina this is condition is actually more responsive to actual surgery.  

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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