Which procedure is best for my condition? (Photo)

I suffered from pytosis and also amblyopia before my pregnancy during my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. I've regained the function back in my face but it has left me feeling insecure. It's mostly noticeable when I smile. Thank you.

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Rhank you for sharing your question and photo. You have a ptotic eyelid which can be fixed by an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon. Surgery time and recovery time are usually quick. There are a few methods available to correct your problem, but comprehensive evaluation is required in person.  Good luck,

I recommend finding a local oculoplastic surgeon close to home to assess you.

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The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a regional directory that can help you find a highly qualified surgeon in your area.  Your situation is likely complex and if possible, I encourage you to get more than one opinion.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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