Vaginoplasty tightness. Is it possible to feel tighter a few months down the road?

I'm 7 wks post op. Had sex and wasn't that tight, is it possible to feel tighter a few months down the road?

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Will my vaginoplasty get tighter?

A woman's vagina typically does not get tighter in the months after vaginoplasty.   If you are not as tight as you want to be then I would consider office procedure Thermiva three or four months after surgery. This may help you.  Also I would do Kegel exercises to help give you muscular support.  

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Not tight enough after vaginoplasty: What To Do?!?

You've heard the saying, "...nothing gets better with time..." Well, that could apply to a vaginoplasty that wasn't done right the first time around, but THERE'S HOPE! 

I've been a pelvic floor surgeon for > 40 years, concentrating SPECIFICALLY on genital plastics, sexual pelvic floor function and better sex for > 15 years. If you have already had a vaginoplasty, I'd advise a consultation with a person very savvy in both the physical therapy, surgical, sexual and minimally invasive (RF or Laser) aspects of pelvic floor function. You deserve a personal evaluation: Which modality(-ies), singly or in combination, will work best: pelvic floor exercises, adding a minimally invasive procedure  or re-tightening..? 'the weblink below, and the Blogs and FAQs on the site may help...

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Why not tight?

the  only part of the process that remains to you is the USE of the muscles, not the tightness of the structure--it is now determined. Muscle use and strength may return more fully and allow you better gripping and tightness. Be concerned if the only repair was to the outer visible portions of the vagina and not the muscles of the depth of the barrel. Appearance and function are not necessarily correlated. Ask your MD for a proper post-op evaluation. If not happy, seek an OBGYN for another opinion.

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Progressive tightening after vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is usually tightest in the first 3 months due to residual swelling from slowly absorbing high-caliber suture material that used in the deep muscle layers. Increasing vaginal tightness, in my experience of over 20 years in pelvic surgery this symptom is most frequently due to compression from outside the vagina. This could be vaginal wall cysts, large urethral diverticula, constipation, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, etc. See your gynecologist.

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Vaginoplasty tightness

Dear MN 

I appreciate your questions and it is a questions i have heard in the past.  I have been performing vaginoplasties for almost 20 years and I personallyhave never seen or heard of anyone getting tighter with time.  I guess it is possible but highly highly highly unlikely.  In fact if anything most patients will get looser.  Instead of guessing I guess the right thing to do is give it a couple of months.

Most patients who have been tightened and the results are not optimal can be retightened.  Even in my own practice I offer patients --- "if in the first year you are not tight enough  I will retighten you at no surgical fee".  See no surgeon can guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate for their patients.   It is possible that some patient can be tightened because the nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor are so damaged the muscles will not tighten.  

If you plan on getting  a repeat vaginal tightening procedure choose a surgeon who understands pelvic floor reconstruction as well as vaginal tightening they do not go hand and hand.  Many surgeons think that by tightening the opening this will improve intercourse for the patient, nothing could be further from the truth.  So choose a surgeon wisely.......a repeat surgery should not be done in the first 12 weeks after the initial surgery.

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