Did my vaginoplasty fail?

I had a full vaginal rejuvenation 7 wks ago (vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, labiaplasty,etc..) Dr said she tightened me 1 cm all the way to my cervix (I was 3 cm before). I had sex for the first time last night and couldn't feel his penis. Did my surgery fail?

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Failed Vaginoplasty

Thank you for question and unfortunately this is one we hear of often.   
It is hard without an in person evaluation to fully answer your question and properly asses the situation 
Often times there are other pelvic floor issues of concern that need to be corrected during a vaginoplasty procedure.   Second, there are things you can do to help at this point.  First and foremost there are exercises that are very effective.  We encourage our patients Wo use the APEX machine for effective pelvic floor exercises.   I would also check with your surgeon, if they have the Femilift machine then they should give that a go on you but only after they have properly evaluated your vagina and made sure there are no other issues going on.  
Second, your partner needs to be assessed if there are any erection issues.
Best of luck

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"Did my vaginoplasty fail" (WAS IT DONE RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE??) The "Gold Standard" for vaginoplasty surgery

Dear friend,  Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you truly USEFUL advice without an in-person evaluation, As in all surgery there are "risks" associated with "vaginal rejuvenation," including cosmetic outcome not in keeping with your expectations, under-tightening, over-tightening, and a slew of other risks of poor outcome. I can make nothing of the "1 cm/3 cm B.S. your surgeon gave you. The bottom line is that any vulvo-vaginal plastic/aesthetic surgeon worth his or her salt should do the following, PERIOD: 1. Ask you inquiring questions about your sexual function, your libido, your arousal, your orgasmic capability. 2. Ask about both the specific erected size of your lover, and if he is fully able to both attain and maintain an erection to the point of mutual satisfaction, and if not TREAT HIM (or refer him to someone who can) BEFORE your surgery. 3. Fully evaluate your pelvic floor ("levator") muscle strength and ability, and arrange for pre- and certainly post-operative pelvic floor physical therapy. 4. If you are post-menopausal and not already on systemic low-dose transdermal and vagina hormone tharapy, arrange for a minimum of 2-3 months of appropriate intra-vaginal estradiol therapy PRIOR TO your surgery. 5. Fully evaluate your size and muscle strength with a "perineometer" (an instrument designed to ~accurately measure pelvic floor muscle tightness & strength.) For you specifically, you may need to wait until ~ 3-4 months after surgery to fully evaluate your outcome. In the meantime, do the "toning" exercises that I hope your surgeon gave you!

The above is the "Gold Standard." How does YOUR surgeon measure up?

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman MD
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Loose as a goose after vaginoplasty blue plate special?

It takes two to tango. If the erection was not of sufficient quality, feed your man some Viagra and have him see the doctor to rule out blood flow issues (undiagnosed diabetes, etc). If not, you need to be examined by a pelvic reconstructive surgeon. In my world, a vaginoplasty is not enough to tighten the vagina effectively if there are significant weaknesses present in the vagina. These need to be repaired at the same time. Otherwise, you have a castle built on sand. I do revisionary procedures on a regular basis and undiagnosed pelvic floor issues are the most common reasons for a situation such as yours.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dear Ms MN

It is certainly possible it failed or it wasn't tightened enough to begin with.  If you surgeon tightened you to 1 cm in diameter I doubt you would be writing this question on the other side of the coin could it be that she tightened by 1 cm this is certainly a possibility and perhaps 1 cm improvement was not adequate.   If you plan on getting a second vaginoplasty please  choose a surgeon wisely.  Choose one who has the experience, expertise and results.  Research wisely

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