Trouble deciding what procedure to get; lip implants or rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I have plans of either getting lip implants or a rhinoplasty in two months. Only problem is I can't decide what procedure I want the most as I can't afford to do both right now. I would like to do both in the near future, however simply trying to pick the procedure that will benefit me the most. I feel as though my lips are to small and narrow for my face and my nose tip projects out too far and is too wide, I see it as the focal point of my face.

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Rhinoplasty and lip lift

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You may benefit more from a lip lift instead of lip implants. The space between the top part of your upper lip and the base of your nose is too long. The corners of your mouth also turn downwards a bit. These can be improved by performing a lip lift. The lip lift also tends to turn your upper lip out giving it a natural fullness. A rhinoplasty and lip lift can be done at the same time or separately if you choose. I hope this helps. 

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Trouble deciding what procedure to get; lip implants or rhinoplasty?

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In my opinion, you have the makings for a very elegant nose. However, it will require a very experienced Board Certified PS with a profound expertise and skill in Rhinoplasty. You lip can be done at the same time- if you can afford. But addressing your nose first- will be of a greater benefit- I think

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