Is soft tummy a result of Swelling or something else after Tummy Tuck?

I had a full tummy tuck with lipo of my hips. Day 2 post opt my stomach was hard, tight and I could feel my muscles. I am entering week 4 and my stomach is soft and loose. I can pinch almost 2 inches of skin around my incision on the right side. I've also got new stretch marks around my belly button. I haven't met with my surgeon since day 2 post opt, but I've met with his Physician assistant weekly. PA says it's just swelling. Is the PA correct?

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Surgery and Recovery

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Thanks for your question!
To first address your question about the laxity of the skin, it is normal to have swelling many months after surgery. The full duration of recovery could last up to a year, so it is a possibility the area is still swollen from your procedure. Your surgeon is the best source of information for your specific case since they worked intimately on your procedure and your body. 
Additionally, your doctor can recommend creams and/or oils to apply to the skin to decrease the appearance of any marks from stretching or scarring.

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