New incision pain 26 days post breast lift with augmentation. (photo)

320 cc mentor moderate profile silicone implants under the muscle. I have new increasing pain. It's sharp/severe burning pain intensified w/movement/touch/being rubbed/exposed to air but no drainage. Had a sports bra-probably too snug for 24 hrs & a wider band of elastic at bottom/no underwire. Went back to my surgical bra since last night. Had a few days of chills in PM-no obvious temp & didn't notice any chills last night. Could it be irritated or an infection brewing/fluid/blood collection? If it is just irritation how long will this last? Thank you.

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Call your doctor.

Thanks for your post. The photos are not helpful in making a diagnosis and since you're having pain and chills, it is best to be evaluated by your doctor as soon as you can. If the pain turns out to be transient, it does not explain why you're having chills. It's best to run these symptoms by your plastic surgeon. Good luck, Dr. ALDO

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