I told my surgeon I thought my vaginoplasty failed because I felt loose in the canal. Is it impossible to tighten any further?

She told me that it was impossible to tighten me any further...Do you think I could just be really dry, and that's causing me not to feel?

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Is it impossible to tighten me more?

There is a limit to how tight a surgeon can make a woman's vagina.  A realistic goal is to get you as tight as you were as a young adolescent.  For most young women this is about the diameter of one finger.  This is a tight, virginal vagina.  Everyone's anatomy is different.  Some women might be two.  You might have success with thermiva or a second opinion.

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Add a non surgical tightening procedure

I would certainly consider adding a non surgical vaginal tightening procedure.  We often will combine our vaginoplasty with the Femilift in order to achieve maximum results.
You already went through the more painful procedure and by adding the non surgical vaginal tightening treatment it will maximize your results with little to no down time or pain.
Best of luck.

David Ghozland, MD
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Too tight or too loose?

Your vaginoplasty may have been more of a labiaplasty than a repair of the muscles of the canal. You should be able to put in a finger, and tighten and relax the muscles of the vaginal barrel (old Kegal exercise). This should be worked on--do not rely on surgery alone, do your homework. Also, get another opinion with a more experienced OBGYN perhaps and have your post-surgery state evaluated independently. If you are older, MonaLisaTouch could also help--read about it here on RealSelf.

Lawrence Eisenhauer, MD
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Vaginoplasty revisions are based on physical exam findings

There are many reasons why you might feel loose, but without an examinaton, it's simply a list of possibilities. You really need a pelvic examination to zero in on the problem here. Revisions are usually done after you've completely healed. Six months is the minimum for a quality repair.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Redo Vaginoplasty

Ms Putsum

As noted in more than one previous post.............It is absolutely possible to retighten (though not always successful but then neither is the first tightening).....you need to find a surgeon who understands pelvic floor reconstruction, someone who has been performing vaginal rejuvenation for years.    Dryness makes it more painful because there is too much friction---- i have never had a patient tell me that dryness causes looseness.

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