Help with gummy, short teeth. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have been very unhappy with my gummy smile for some time. When I smile in pictures I don't smile big because I'm too embarrassed. I also am a teeth grinder, and my front teeth are ground down due to this. I want a really white smile, showing less gum, longer teeth. I was thinking- braces, whitening, crown lengthening, thin no prep veneers on front 6 teeth (teeth I hate the most)

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Begin By Addressing the Grinding Teeth

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There is no reason to be embarrassed about your smile. I often see patients who are self-conscious about smiles that I believe are beautiful. The treatments you've mentioned can get you closer to your aesthetic goal (e.g., crown lengthening, if it is done properly, can give you longer teeth and show less gum tissue), but as others have said, the first step should be to correct your teeth grinding, which appears to be causing your teeth to slowly wear down. Start with that, and see if you're still interested in pursuing additional cosmetic changes later.

Gummy Smile and Short Teeth

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First of all, you have a beauiful smile; the smile is is not only your teeth, it is your entire face. Please smile big, as big as I believe your personality is. To answer your question, you can improve the gummy smile, but it wil require surgery. The surgery may be gums only or maybe osseous (bone) surgery may be needed. The only way to know is with a complete exam. You have a deep bite which is part of the problem and is one of the factors that has to be included in the solution. Braces may be needed to improve the deep bite. The key is getting the teeth (braces?) and gums (gingival level) correct before veneers. Do your due diligence before embarking on this venture. Better to do nothing than do it wrongly. Spend a little extra on a dental wax up to see your proposed end result prior to initiating treatment. Wishing you nothing but the best!

Prince Arrington III, DDS
Boca Raton Dentist

Help with your Gummy Smile and Short Teeth

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Hi from Minnesota!  You had mentioned you grind your teeth and that is one of the reason that they are worn down. I would have your bite corrected first to stop the grinding. Then I would explore the least invasive way of treating your smile and I would try Botox to see if the injection would relax the masseter muscle and allow more of your teeth to show.  If you liked the look and after you have taken care of your bite, you can always try crown lengthening and gum reduction or veneer placement.  Start with getting your bite first so you can stop grinding your teeth down. If you do not address this first you will ruin any new Veneers or other cosmetic procedures do. 

Vachik Danoukh, DMD
Van Nuys Dentist

Veneers is your solution

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gummy smile can be corrected, with a proceedure called gingivoplasty, its the removal of some amount of gum, and preforming the shape of the gum, to give much better layout of the tooth, then you will need to have veneers done , to make your teeth look longer, you can have great and amazing smile, do at least 8 uppers, 6 would be an error, 8 or 10 is the solution, to correct that , and to get the results, you are looking for.

Short teeth

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Hello. A comprehensive evaluation is necessary before suggesting treatment. This picture can result from small teeth, too much gum tissue, or short hyperactive lip. All these aspects are checked (teeth, gum, smile, and lip) for a customized treatment plan. Treatment may include restorative treatment (including veneers and/or crowns), crown lengthening if there is a gum problem, and Botox injection to relax the lip if it is hyperactive. Before getting any restorative work, I would suggest a sleep test to evaluate and treat the night grinding and any other sleep disorders that may accompany it. I do home sleep test as a routine before any major restorative work. Good luck.

Gummy Smile: Gingivectomy, crown lengthening or reverse vestibulopasty

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At a quick glance I would think the best results would be a combination of crown lengthening and gingivoplasty.  An exam would need to eval your bone levels.  It is possible a gingivectomy alone would suffice, an easier procedure.

Often we will do simple gingivactomy first and then reeval cosmetics.  Always better to take away too little rather than too much.

Ira L Shapira DDS

Gummy smile and worn teeth

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You are right on track with your assessment--See a qualified cosmetic dentist to look at your options. A gummy smile can be from a number of causes: Too much upper jaw bone, Too much upper gums overlapping the teeth, and sometimes too much mobility or elevation to the upper lip.
The dentist can take measurements and determine your best options.
The worn teeth may be able to be lengthened from both the worn edges as well as reducing the gum tissues with repositioning surgery either with a laser or more extensive gum surgery. 
No prep or minimal preparation veneers would be a great option--Good luck

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