Did my surgeon perform an elective vaginoplasty?

According to my quote, this is what I all had done: Elective Vaginoplasty – Posterior Colporrhaphy, Perineorrhaphy, Bladder Sling and Labia Minoraplasty w/ Clitoral Hood Reduction...My question is: What did my surgeon all do, Did she tighten my entrance or do a full rejuv? My surgeon has 24 years experience as a gyno & cosmetic surgery, specializing in just vaginal surgeries...I feel like she took my 10k and didn't do what she said she would...I have a tight entrance but about a 1/2 cm in, It's gaping...

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Still gaping inside after vaginoplasty

I'm sure your surgeon performed what she set out to do, but results do vary for a number of reasons, including your underlying anatomy and her skills/experience. Your complaint is one I here commonly, where the entrance looks tight, but the inside is still gaping.
I recommend you follow-up with her and ask her yourself. If she doesn't appreciate what you're describing, which is often the case then I would recommend you get a second opinion. Below is a link with information on identifying the best surgeon for you.
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Did my surgeon do right?

Without a photo and more info, we are shooting in the dark here!  This is a question you should ask your surgeon please. Price-wise, for a PP, VP, LP with hood, our price in Northern CA is ! $9000-9250, so you're in the ballpark, ESPECIALLY if it included the sling (which insurance frequently reimburses...)

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Michael P Goodman MD
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Elective vaginoplasty

Dear Ms Putsum.

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment  but you really need to ask your surgeon what she did!!!  We here on RealSelf do not know what she did and what surgery she performed.   We can read what you write but vaginoplasty is an artistic procedure.  Anyone can paint a picture of the "Last Supper" but few are going to achieve the results of DaVinci.   You need to ask her if she tightened the opening of the vagina or did a full rejuv.

No surgeon can guarantee results?  With my patients I tighten the opening and the lower 2/3 of the vagina....I would not recommend tightening the whole vagina which includes the upper 1/3 for various reasons.   I tell my patients they have a 85-90% chance of satisfaction, how do I know this because I have studied our results and have written papers of success.    I also give my patients a guarantee that if they are not tight enough in the first 1 year I will redo the tightening part of the surgery for no surgical fee if a second surgery is needed.  But that is me......did she give you guarantee?  Did she offer to do it again? Did you ask her if she tightened the whole vagina?  These are questions you really need to direct to her as she is the surgeon.  I know specialists in reconstructive vaginal surgery for 30 years that know nothing about tightening, most surgeons in the USA didn't even hear of tightening of the vagina until about 8 years ago.

Approach her calmly and ask her what she did and she would do the surgery again for no out of pocket expense.

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Vaginal rejuvenation using medical terminology

Except for the sling, which is considered pelvic reconstruction, you had a typical list of procedures that most surgeons would call a full vaginal rejuvenation and clitoro-labiaplasty. The price seems reasonable for the work and actually a pretty good deal if you consider the sling. It's unclear what you mean by gaping 1/2 cm in (5mm is the length of a grain of rice) and whether there is laxity deeper inside the vagina. An examination when you are completely healed would be required. If there is laxity in the area, it can certainly be revised and tightened.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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