Darker Spots Surfacing After Light PCA Brand "Sensi Peel"? (photo)

I had a "sensi peel" (PCA brand) 2 wks ago. I had no issues post peel and followed the post steps to a T. I use layered sunblock I started to peel day three mildly for a day or 2. I did NOT pick. Last week I noticed two new redish brownish spots where I didn't have any issue. I did this for mild melasma on my forehead and cheeks and lip. They seem well circumscribed. Is it just possible this is the surfacing of pigment? We are planning a monthly "light" peels but wondering what o do :(

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Darker Spots Surfacing After Light PCA Brand "Sensi Peel"?

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Appears to be early hyper pigmentation effect. Best to seek a the medical doctor to treat you and this issue ASAP. 

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