Will the duck bill look go down? it is five days now since having Juvederm for upper lip lines.

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Duck Bill Lips

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Most of your swelling should go down by one week.  If after one week, you still have concerns,
revisit your injector to discuss your options.  Hyaluronidase can reverse by dissolving the product.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Upper lip swelling following juvederm injection

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While it is common to have some swelling after juvederm injections, if you are still having significant concerns 2 weeks after your injection I would meet with your injector again.  One of the nice features of juvederm is that it can be dissolved should this be necessary.

Brian Biesman, MD
Nashville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Will this duck bill go down?

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Swelling is a common side effect of injections and can last approx. 2 weeks. At 2 weeks if you are still concerned schedule a follow up with your injector to discuss. Sleep with the head of the bed elevated and apply cold compresses for 10 mins several times a day.

Best of luck

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Will the duck bill look go down? it is five days now since having Juvederm for upper lip lines.

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Juvederm or Restylane are wonderful products when used appropriately and subtly.  I am not sure how much filler you had, but you can ask your injector.  If you feel it is too large, your injector can use Hyaluronadase to dissolve the product.  Best

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Too much Juvederm for Upper Lip

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Juvederm is a great filler especially for the lip area.  Unfortunately too much product was placed and now you have a "duck bill".  You can wait another week and see if the swelling goes down.  If it doesn't go down then you should return to your treating physician to inject Hyaluronidase to dissolve the product.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with lip injections.

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