MiXto for Pock Marks and Red Acne Scars?

I have some pock marks on my face, mainly between my eyes, and some red marks from acne scars. Nothing too bad though, since my acne is under control now. Would MiXto Laser get rid of all of these? Or would it be better to go with saline injections for the pock marks?

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Mixto laser works for acne scars

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The Mixto laser works extremely will to reduce the depth of pock marks from acne. We "sand down" the ridges of scars with an Erbium Yag laser first. Then we tighten and smoothe the skin with the Mixto laser. This improves our scar reduction from 45 to 50%  with the Mixto alone to 60 to 80%with the combination




















Mixto is a great option for acne scarring improvement

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Hi there-

The Mixto is a great option for patients with acne scarring, and the results can be amazing after a single treatment (although when the indication is acne scarring, occasionally a second treatment is necessary).

Find a Board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist in your area who has experience with the Mixto and ask to see some photos of their results. The Mixto is a great tool for this problem, and I bet you'll be excited about what can be done for you with it.

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