I Had Mixto Laser on my Neck. After Two Months I Still Have Redness - Is This Normal?

I had Mixto Laser on my neck, the front side (half of my neck) but I still have redness especially after I was my face with warm water or get a facial which includes just includes a mini massage around the neck. It's only around the area where I got the Mixto done. Is this normal or will this go away? I am a 35-year old Asian female with thin skin.

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Mixto Laser is essentially fractionated CO2 laser, and the amount of "damage" done to the skin can vary, depending on the laser settings.

In my experience, after Mixto laser, it is not unusual for the skin to be slightly pink and shiny, compared to non-lasered skin.

What you describe is unusual, but not necessarily abnormal, as every one is different.

My recommendation is to speak with your surgeon.  Most likely, he/she will recommend time (usually several months) for re-evaluation.

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