Mixto Laser 9 Months After Deep FX?

I am 22 years old and have a many boxcar and rolling scars on both of my cheeks and on the forehead as well (due to acne). Now I am considering a Mixto treatment in November. So far I have already done 2 Deep FX (February 09/10) & 1 Fraxel Re:pair (August 09). One month after my last Deep FX treatment I conducted a second Roaccutane treatment until June. I noticed, that some of the atrophic scars got worse and began to subside. Is it safe to do one more Mixto (because of the potency)? Thanks

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Mixto laser ok one year after after Accutane

Laser resurfacing can be done after Accutane, however we have to wait 1 year, because there are some fears that healing will be altered by the Accutane.

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