Difference Between Mixto Laser and Active or Deep FX?

I am considering Mixto Laser for shallow acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven texture. Is there is a difference between this laser and Deep FX or Active FX?

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Mixto laser for acne scars and skin texture improvement

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Hi there-

The Mixto and the other laser you mention (the Active FX and the Deep FX are different handpieces of the same laser) use the same technology, meaning they are both fractionated carbon dioxide based lasers.

In my opinion, the Mixto has a benefit, which is that the computer generated pattern the laser uses causes a bit less pain, but I think that for many patients this is a relatively insignificant difference.

In the final analysis, your outcome and experience are going to depend less on whether you have your treatment with the Active FX or the Mixto, and much more on the physician providing the treatment, their skill with the laser (many people think the laser are simple, point-and-shoot devices, but they are not- significant skill and experience is required to achieve the best outcomes), and the relationship you have with them.

Find a doctor certified by The American Board of Dermatology or The American Board of Plastic Surgery, visit with them to be sure you are comfortable with them (this is no different than any other relationship- you need to like and trust your provider) and their plan for you, ask to see photos of other patients and maybe even to speak to a few.

Another bit of advice- this is not time where it would be in your best interests to shop for the lowest price. You will be asking another human being to point a laser at your face in the hopes of improving your appearance. You should search for a professional with the best education, training, experience, results, and a personality and manner you are comfortable with. These are the qualities that will result in your long term happiness with your outcome and experience. Too often I see patients who are in need of correction because their initial, poor cosmetic experience was determined by decisions they made in the interest of saving money. Saving money only makes sense if the two items being compared are identical...

I would sorry much less about the laser and think a lot more about the doctor holding it- you'll be happy you did.

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