Will Facelift "Mistakes" Correct Themselves with More Time?

I had my facelift done 6/30/10 and my left earlobe has a crease in it. Behind my right ear, there is a "bunching" where the skin was sewn together. Will these flatten out or will I need revision when it's healed. How long after surgery do I have to wait to get a revison. I also have a "damaged" nerve and cannot move my eyebrow up. To help me look more balanced, the Dr. gave me botox shots above both brows. He assures me that the damage won't be permanent.The Dr. has 30 yrs. exper. with facelifts

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Will Facelift "Mistakes" Correct Themselves with More Time?

"Mistakes"  like operating on the wrong body part, never correct themselves. however, normal sequelae like scars and nerve weakness are not "mistakes". and yes, your surgeon is absolutely right in asserting these areas of concern will often resolve or improve with time. pts often use words like mistake and botched simply because they do not understand the process of surgery. it is my opinion that the surgeon is responsible for making even the simplest of pts aware of risks, benefits and alternatives of any procedure before the operation is done. if your surgeon has been in practice 30 years, I'm guessing he knows a thing or two about informed consent and probably has all sorts of forms with your signature describing these exact things. you need to continue to see your doctor and help him/her help you through these bumps in the road. the scar behind the ear is a non-issue, it gets better even if you do nothing and if something needs to be done it is easy and straightfoward. the brow position generally gets better with time. however, if it has not budged in one year you may have a complication that will require further intervention.  I emphasize complication, not mistake. after all it's not malpractice to have a nerve injury, it is a known possibility and while it may be permanent, there are things that can be done to re-gain symmetry. with 30 years of experience your surgeon knows what to do or who to call if needed. good luck.

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Scar revision

You may need a scar revision of the scar around your ear is bunched.  It may be becuase of a limited incision approach.

Steven Wallach, MD
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