Should Sculptra and Dysport be injected on different days? Or is ok to get this done at the same time?

Three years ago I had Sculptra injections I also had Dysport injected for crows feet and it resulted in Sculptra bumps under my eyes. Although unnoticeable they are not leaving . I still get Dysport but have not gotten Sculptra since. I would love to get Sculptra again but am concerned about the bumps that are already there.

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Should Sculptra and Dysport be injected on different days?

I doubt that the Dysport had anything to do with the bumps that developed under your eyes after your treatment with Dysport and Sculptra. I do not recommend using Sculptra around the eyes because it is possible to have bumps develop in that area as a result of the Sculptra being placed there. I have treated many patients with Sculptra and Dysport at the same time without any problems. The injection technique is important to limit any possible adverse side effects.

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