Right Implant Feels Different 1 Year Post Op B to D Cup? Saline, High Profile. (photo)

My implants took me from a B to a D cup. I have a small frame (5'3" 105lbs). I was happy with them until about a year ago when I noticed my right breast getting TOO soft. It now feels like a half empty baggie and when i tap on the cleavage..it seems over-jiggly. I have lost some cleavage and I get random ripples but looking straight on they look normal? My bra also fits much tighter on my left breast. This has been progressing over a year. Surgery- March 09' Saline Implants/HP 430 Left/410 Right

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11 breast smaller one year after bilateral saline breast augmentation may be a slow leak of 1 implant

Thank you for sending your question and photograph. Your symptoms that you describe with your saline implants suggest that perhaps the right saline implant has a slow leak. See your plastic surgeon for an examination.

Right implant feels different

If your right implant feels different one year after surgery, then you may need a revision. To me the right side looks smaller because maybe it has 20 cc less fluid and that can sometimes make a difference. Perhaps some more fluid can be put back into the implant, or you may need a larger implant on that side. However overall it looks like your surgeon did a very good job.

I hope this helps you.

James Motlagh, MD
Tyler Plastic Surgeon
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One Breast Smaller after 1 Year Post Breast Implants

  The increased rippling with the decrease in size suggests a rupture.  An exam is imperative at this point.  The most prudent thing may be to remove the implant and replace it.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant softer

It is possible that he right breast saline implant has a slow leak.  I would suggest being evaluated by your plastic surgeon.  The implants should be under warranty.

Lawrence Enisman, MD, FACS
Albany Plastic Surgeon
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