Right Implant Feels Different 1 Year Post Op B to D Cup? Saline, High Profile. (photo)

My implants took me from a B to a D cup. I have a small frame (5'3" 105lbs). I was happy with them until about a year ago when I noticed my right breast getting TOO soft. It now feels like a half empty baggie and when i tap on the cleavage..it seems over-jiggly. I have lost some cleavage and I get random ripples but looking straight on they look normal? My bra also fits much tighter on my left breast. This has been progressing over a year. Surgery- March 09' Saline Implants/HP 430 Left/410 Right

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Confirm a Possible Leak with Your Plastic Surgeon

When a patient has significant #symptoms, complete or partial leakage of their saline implant, or concerns regarding silicone leakage, it is recommended that the implant is removed and exchanged. Frequently, this is performed on both sides depending upon the age of the implant. Capsulotomy or opening of the capsule may be required or frequently capsulectomy, which is removal of the scarred capsule, is r#ecommended to ensure adequate pocket dimensions.

New implants may then be placed in the same existing position or may undergo a change of #placement frequently from submammary to subpectoral position and, on occasion, the other way around.

An in-person examination with your plastic surgeon will better determine if in fact, this is the case. 

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11 breast smaller one year after bilateral saline breast augmentation may be a slow leak of 1 implant

Thank you for sending your question and photograph. Your symptoms that you describe with your saline implants suggest that perhaps the right saline implant has a slow leak. See your plastic surgeon for an examination.

Right implant feels different

If your right implant feels different one year after surgery, then you may need a revision. To me the right side looks smaller because maybe it has 20 cc less fluid and that can sometimes make a difference. Perhaps some more fluid can be put back into the implant, or you may need a larger implant on that side. However overall it looks like your surgeon did a very good job.

I hope this helps you.

James Motlagh, MD
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One Breast Smaller after 1 Year Post Breast Implants

  The increased rippling with the decrease in size suggests a rupture.  An exam is imperative at this point.  The most prudent thing may be to remove the implant and replace it.

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Breast implant softer

It is possible that he right breast saline implant has a slow leak.  I would suggest being evaluated by your plastic surgeon.  The implants should be under warranty.

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