If the Ideal implant has 2 shells does it then have 2 valves?

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Does the ideal implant have two valves?

Thank you for your question.  The ideal implant has two valves.  One on the anterior surface and one on the posterior surface.  In addition, it has several layers to help it to achieve a more stable form of a saline implant.  This increased stability is termed a "structured" implant.  

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Does the Ideal Implant Have 2 Valves

Thank you for the question. Yes, the Ideal Structured Implant has 2 valves. One on the back surface to fill the inner chamber and one on the front, or anterior surface to fill the anterior chamber. The valves are actually inside the implant with a small opening that has a flat valve cover to keep unwanted fluid or tissue from entering the valve opening. These valves are not something that patients can feel and they do not increase the likely hood of a leak. Most implants that do leak, are due to a fold or crease in the implant shell. Since the structure of these implants makes them less likely to wrinkle, you should expect a lower leakage or rupture rate than other types of implants. This has been confirmed by the data collected by the FDA, showing Ideal Implants have the lowest 5 year rupture rate. I hope this helps.

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Structure of the Ideal Implant

Great question - the Ideal implant has several layers of nested shells and baffles that allow it to be a fairly natural feeling saline implant.  These are internally divided into two separate compartments, each of which have their own valve.

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Ideal Implant valves

Good question. Yes. There is an anterior valve that adds saline to the outer chamber and a posterior valve that fills the internal chamber.

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IDEAL implant

The ideal implant has multiple shells or baffles, depending on the size of the implant used.  It does have two valves one on the front side and one on the back.  The valves are flat and you can not feel them through the skin.  Most leaks in any saline implants are not from the valves but from fold flaws or creases.  The IDEAL implant has minimal rippling and feels very natural. I am a big fan. Hope this helps, Jane. 

Jane M. Rowley, MD
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