Body Reconstruction Outcome?

Hi, everyone! My name is Chris and I'm 22 years of age. About 2 years ago I took it upon myself to change my lifestyle and so I did. I was over 460 pounds, borderline diabetic among other things and now I'm 220 pounds. My goal is to reach 210 before I do the surgery as I have a lot of loose skin after losing over 250 pounds. I have two questions: Will my scars eventually go away completely? Can my gastric band be removed while undergoing the skin removal? Thanks!

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Scars and gastric band

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Wow, that's amazing! A huge congratulations!

Your scars are permanent, but they can be minimized in appearance by caring for them properly. Your surgeon can also recommend treatments that may further decrease their visibility. Your band doesn't have to be removed.

Weight Loss Body Contouring

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Congratulations on your weight loss. While your scars will improve significanlty over 12 - 18 moths, your scars will never completely go away.  WIth respect to the Gastric Band port, most plastic surgeons who do a lot of MWL body contouring are skilled at preserving the port.   Best wishes.

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