Methotrexate for RA affecting my bbl results/outcome.

42y/o female lost 120 pounds since gastric sleeve last year. In need of body conturing. 5'6"weigh 178. Besides RA i have HTN under control with lisinopril 40mg and hctz 25mg daily. Been on 20mg of oral methotrexate about 6 months now for my RA. Will this interfere with cosmetic surgery, especially concerned about the reproduction of cells with a bbl. Also with my immune system being weak due to the methotrexate will that increase the risk of infection even if I stop the medicine before surgery?

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Methotrexate for RA affecting my bbl results/outcome.

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You pose two important questions.  I think that both of these effects of methotrexate are likely considerations but can likely be minimized.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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