Would I benefit from a lift or just repair the pocket? (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation done a year ago and after 6 months I noticed the started to change shape. I've had 3 kids so my breast tissue skin is very thin. I feel like they just hang off my chest. I have 450 high profile silicon. I want to keep my implants the same size. Would I benefit from a lift or would fixing the pocket do the trick. Please help.

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Breast Augmentation - Bottoming Out

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Thank you for your question. It appears your implant has bottomed out. This can be fixed by repairing the lower part of your implant capsule (capsulorrhaphy). I like to repair the fold with sutures and support it with a piece of Strattice. The Strattice functions as an internal bra to prevent future implant malposition. Hope this helps and good luck.


Fix the bottoming out

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From your photographs, you certainly do not need a lift. What you need is a repair of the bottom part of your breast implant capsule. Since you say you're very thin, and want to keep the same size implant, I would recommend to a patient like you that we add Strattice which provides a strong matrix like a hammock to hold the implant from going downward and bottoming out again. Whether you call this an internal bra or a capsulorraphy with Strattice, the principles are all the same. Good luck with your procedure.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Would I benefit from a lift or just repair the pocket?

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From your good photos it seems you have a double bubble deformity, something that occurs when the breast fold is damaged during surgery. This does not require a lift, it needs an internal capsulorrhaphy to properly position the implant. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Bottoming Out / Double Bubble / Internal Bra Repair

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Good morning!

You do have some bottoming out, and the correct repair is the Internal Bra, my strong permanent internal suturing technique which lifts and supports your implants position. It is the most common type of revision I perform, 5-6 times a week- it works and it lasts!

You may certainly keep the same size implants, and I do not believe you need a lift!

I have attached a link to my Bottoming Out / Internal Bra / Breast Augmentation Revision photo gallery for your review- hope it helps!

Fix the pocket

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Your implants have bottomed out a bit and by fixing the pocket from inside, symmetry can be obtained as well as a correction of a slight double bubble. 

Would I benefit from a lift or just repair the pocket?

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