Will a 15-20# weight loss affect a breast lift? How long should I be at a stable weight before surgery? (143# now)

I began working out and losing weight a few months ago. My breasts have always been saggy and deflated looking and my weight has never affected them. I weigh 143# now and hope to get down to 125-130#. Should I wait to have a lift after I achieve my goal seeing as that little of weight really makes a difference in my frame size or will it not make any difference as far as my breast go? I don't want to have it done then my breast go back to the way they were prior to surgery if that's the case.

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Weight loss before breast lifting?

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Congratulations on your weight-loss thus far. Yes you should definitely achieve your long-term stable weight prior to undergoing the procedure. This course of action will maximize the chances of optimal results and minimize the chances that further surgery may be necessary.  when the time is right, see consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with. Then, communicative goals carefully as well. Best wishes.

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