Is there a better option then a Tummy tuck for me? I would prefer not to go that all my tattoo work (ruined)? (photo)

At the time of the consult I asked about my abdominal area which is a big concern for me.He said that coolsculpting would take care of it.So I was put in touch with a tech She said I was a candidate for it but that while the fat would go with the coolsculpting I would still have the hanging apron problem and that the only option is tummy tuck.just don't know why the Doctor would refer me to try that and not even mention loose skin problems or even mention a tummy tuck after examining me himself

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Tummy tuck will most likely warp tattoo

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If you have loose skin, which appears that you may have based on your photos, CoolSculpting will not help and, in fact, may make the sagging worse. As a result, tightening up this loose skin would be effectively done with a tummy tuck. Unfortunately, the procedure would most likely warp your tattoo, as the excess skin would have to be removed and the remaining pulled down ward. 

Is there a better option then a Tummy tuck for me? I would prefer not to go that all my tattoo work (ruined)?

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Thank you for your question and photographs.  An in-person assessment of your skin is needed to assess your candidacy for alternative treatments, namely liposuction to see if you can reasonably expect to shrink down and flatten this small amount of overhang.  If the skin of your lower abdomen is loose and shows poor elasticity then a skin resection procedure, such as a tummy tuck, will be a better option.  Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation. 

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Is there a better option then a Tummy tuck for me?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Which procedure you should undergo will depend mainly on your  physical examination and goals. For example, if you wish the "hanging apron problem" to be solved then tummy tuck surgery will undoubtedly be your best option. Any lesser procedure, such as liposuction or coolsculpting, will likely leave you with loose skin.  Only you can decide whether or not to proceed with tummy tuck surgery, given that disruption of your tattoos will result. Best wishes. 

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