How long do I need braces to close one gap? Are there any other easier or cheaper methods for closing one gap?

My teeth are completely straight and have no gaps except for my very front teeth. Between the front 2 teeth is one gap that is about 2-3mms wide. I was thinking about getting braces for my front four teeth but I wasn't sure how long that would take. Are there any other methods to closing the gap cheaper and faster but safely?

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Alternative methods for closing a gap

There are several options to consider for closing a gap between your teeth.   Restorative options may include bonding the teeth or veneers. Orthodontic options may include braces or removable aligners like invisalign®.  In some cases a removable retainer could work. 

There are some limited lingual (behind the teeth) techniques available for aligning teeth and closing spaces (See attached video reference).  I would recommend having a consultation with an orthodontist to see if you are a candidate for this type of procedure.

I hope this information helps.

Dr. Cassalia

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