Insurance will cover Botox for migraines and neck muscle spasms.. Now what?

Just looking to see how this works as the letter of approval stated I can use my drug plan card to pay for it - do I get a prescription to take to the pharmacy? Then take the Botox back to my doctor to inject? Sounds like a weird process.

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Botox for Migraines

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Hi Jessybel,
That is awesome!  Some of our patients have to battle their insurance company to get their Botox for Migraines approved.  For most physicians offices, they have the Botox Therapeutic available in the office and they would just have to inject the standard 200 units at your appointment, but some instances, they do bring in their own Botox from the pharmacy that a Physician had prescribed for them and the same prescribing Physician would also inject the Botox that was prescribed.

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