I'm not an expert or not a beautician, can I use micro pen at home?

my skin is very dry and getting wrinkle every day specially under eye area and crow feet. i want to use this device at home.can i?

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Micro-needling under eyes and crow's feet at home

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In my office I have found the best option for treatment of under eye wrinkles has been micro-needling combined with growth factor serums derived from human stem cells. For optimal results, our patients then continue to use the growth factor serum at home after their office treatment. Micro-needling is a procedure that is best done in the office, not at home.

South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Micro Pen is best for the office use

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Micro pen, where short sharp needles are used to penetrate the skin, can be used for many conditions but it is really important that proper assessment and a consultation be done first.
It is very easy to have problems with these devices when it comes to infections, scarring or pigmentation.
I hope that helps

Mariusz Sapijaszko, MD, FRCPC
Edmonton Dermatologic Surgeon
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