I had a crown put in October 2015. Still cannot eat on the tooth.

It took about a half hour to get the temporary crown out and it was extremely painful. Later when I bit on the tooth a sharp pain shoot up from under the tooth and no matter what I ate I couldn't use the tooth, not even when I wet my bread. When I went back to him he gave me a prescription for pain killers. It's been a year and i cannot use the tooth at all. I have been told I might have to do a root canal which I cannot afford to pay for. Is there anything else that can be done?

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Pain after crown #DrSoftTouch

Unfortunately, it does sound like root canal therapy may be necessary, but first I would recommend having your bite evaluated. A simple bite adjustment may take care of the issues you are experiencing. If you continue to experience pain after having your bite adjusted, then I too would recommend a root canal. Most dental offices offer flexible financing options to make dental care affordable for all. Discuss your options with your office. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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Cannot Eat on the Tooth

There are a couple of things to consider. Do you ever have spontaneous pain with this tooth? For example, when you are reading or watching TV and NOT eating, does this tooth ever start to throb or hurt on its own? If that happens, there is a good chance that there is irreversible pulpitits or tooth nerve damage and yes, you would need a root canal. If this type of pain system is present go to an endodontist, which is a root canal specialist. 

If it just feels like it is hitting hard when you chew and that is what causes the pain, then ask your dentist to adjust the bite on the crown, until you can barely tell that it is touching the other teeth. 

Lastly, there may be other teeth in the area that have decay or are in need of treatment. Dental pain can come from other parts of the mouth, as well.

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Pain after crown cementation


There are two main reasons that you might still have pain upon chewing after a year on your crown:

1.  The bite has not been properly adjusted.  The bite has to be adjusted not only when you close straight on the tooth but also when you go side to side and froward and back on it.

2.  Possible root infection.

You should definitley go back to your dentist and have him check the bite and take an X-ray to make sure there is no infection.


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Tooth Pain

Unfortunately, it does sound like you need root canal therapy in order to make the tooth feel better. The only other option is to remove the tooth. I would suggest having your dentist check your bite first. Maybe it's hitting too hard and that also could cause you pain. My feeling, though, is that you need one of the other 2 options. Sorry.

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