Dentist is telling me I don't need my upper left Molar replaced after extraction, is this true?

I have been reading online and every website saids once you get a tooth taken out it needs to be replaced. My dentist is telling me I barely use that tooth anyway for eating (only about 1/3 of the tooth hits the bottom tooth) and that dentists generally don't replace the far back tooth (teeth 7, already had wisdom teeth removed) Saids I've already lost a great deal of bone due to infection and it wouldn't be worth replacing. Is what he is saying true? Or should I get a second opinion?

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Tooth replacement

The answer to this question depends on the amount of bone available and also the position of the sinus floor.  There are instances where, replacing the tooth might be to invasive therefore best left not replaced.  Second opinion can always be useful.

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Not sure if you're talking about a 2nd or rd molar here, but I think you are referring to a second, so let's assume that.  You may not have to replace it, but what I think the dentist is trying to tell you is that it's not a simple replacement and may not be worth the effort, in your case.   You can function perfectly well without it, but if you feel that you'd rather have it back then you could look into options like an implant.

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