Which filler would be best to treat my tear troughs and the side of my eye? (Photo)

I have under eye hollows and they are also significant at the side of my eye. Can someone suggest the best filler to treat the whole area? I remember reading that there could be a better filler than restalyne for the side of my eye. The darkness and hollowness appear to be more significant in real life than they do in the pictures.

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Filler options for tear troughs

Hi Enracy! The best option for filler in the tear troughs would be Belotero (my preference) or Restylane. You can also dilute Voluma with Lidocaine or Saline and inject into the tear troughs (off label use) but gives a very nice result as well. The filler will not get rid of any discoloration in the under eye area but it will help reduce shadowing.

Columbus Oculoplastic Surgeon

Restlane, Belotero, or Volbella

Every injector has their presences, Restylane is very forgiving, Belotero is good. I personally like Juvederm Volbella (NOTE this is different from Juvederm Voluma or Volift). Apart from the filler, the most important aspect is technique. See an experienced Board Certified injector. RegardsDr Davin Lim Laser and aesthetic dermatologistBrisbane, Australia. 

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
Brisbane Dermatologist
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Tear troughs

I am partial to Belotero for tear trough fills, but some patients do not feel that it lasts as long as Restylane or Juvederm. You are less likely to have discoloration or lumps, and less swelling from Belotero in my experience, so it is my "go-to" tear trough filler for first timers. Find an injector who uses cannulas for under the eye injections. You are MUCH less likely to get black eyes with a small (27 gauge) cannula that is introduced on the cheek where there are fewer blood vessels. Surprisingly, this is not a very painful area to inject. You can get significant swelling with any under-eye filler, so prepare for down time just in case.

Jenny Weyler, MD
Worcester Physician
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