Getting new crowns removed due to discomfort

I have two new crowns that are uncomfortable. I have been back to the dentist 4 times for an adjustment, and I am really getting fed up. They just DON'T FEEL RIGHT or COMFORTABLE. The best I can guess is that they are too bulky. I feel as though I want them out of my mouth NOW - no more adjustments! Should I request the dentist remove the crowns? If so, shouldn't I change dentists after removal? Also, shouldn't I demand a refund?

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Second Opinion

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It is not possible to evaluate the quality of the crowns without x-rays and/or a clinical exam. I would be more than happy to give you a second opinion at no charge and give you my honest opinion about the quality of the crowns. The bottom line is if the crowns don't feel right then there is something wrong with them because a crown should feel completely natural and comfortable in your mouth.Good luck!

Uncomfortable crowns

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You have basically two options. The first is allow the dentist to remake the crowns for you. Explain the bulky feeling. The dentist can easily remove the crowns and remake them to hopefully correct this problem. The second option is to get a second opinion. This option may give you the solution you are looking for. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Take time

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Sometimes take time to you can adapt to a new situation, and more in your mouth, I think you can get more adjustments, the necessary adjustments to you can feel comfortable, remember a little thing in the mouth can feel bigger. If with a few more adjustments you can't adapt to the crowns maybe its time to change, but remember its like a new shoes, take time, give another opportunity and at the final I hope works for you.

Second opinion

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This is very hard to answer over the internet.  There are sometimes treatment that require abnormal number of adjusting.  However, I think a second opinion would help give you peace of mind before returning to your dentist again.

Mark Edington, DDS
Las Vegas Dentist

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