How to Fix Missing Upper Teeth when Smiling?

When I smile, my upper teeth don't show anymore, and I have developed a deep horizontal crease under my nose. I have a long nose and an overbite, and had braces. I am in my mid-40's. I used to look very different, with a nice smile. Should I see a dentist, or a plastic surgeon? If a dentist, what kind? Thanks.

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Consult your dentist

When upper teeth do not show it is usually from a “worn dentition” due to grinding the vertical dimension ( the space between the upper and lower jaw) collapses. This can be seen when your lips are at rest and you look in the mirror you will look like you are frowning the corners of your mouth will droop.

The vertical dimension needs to be reestablished – always see the dentist first before the plastic surgeon as often times we can make a huge difference cosmetically. See a cosmetic dentist.

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