Best Solution for 8 Missing Teeth

I been having dental issues for a while. And I lost 8 teeth. Will a flipper help fill these 8 teeth in or a bridge?

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Implants are the best long term value

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A "flipper" is a fairly inexpensive way to get teeth quickly, mostly for appearance. Because they are made of acrylic, they wear out pretty quickly. I don't know which teeth are missing, but the best solution usually is implants. Long bridges stress the remaining teeth and if one part fails the entire bridge often needs to be redone. With implants, only what's missing needs to be replaced, or at the least, shorter bridges can be used.
Implants will be the most expensive option, but the best long term value.

Cleveland Dentist

Best Solution for 8 Missing Teeth?

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If you have been missing a few teeth for a while, you will simply enjoy having your smile intact again. A flipper is a fast and economical way to be able to smile naturally. You will feel better right away!


If you have many missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist will want to assess why you are losing teeth and how to stop it, then prevent it from coming back. There are a number of great long-lasting permanent teeth options, but stopping the problems first, will help them last for a long time.


You can have bridges or implants, and your cosmetic dentist will need to evaluate your specific situation to give you the best advice. Thanks, Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

Best solution for 8 missing teeth

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The type of edentulism usually will help to define the type of final prosthesis that the patient has. In the cases that 8 teeth are missing on one arch it depends upon the edentulous sites and their spread. Flipper is often used as a temporary solution during phases of treatment, but it can not be a definitive prosthesis, that will effectively function for a long time. If you`re looking at a removable option you will be more comfortable with metal base partial removable denture. This will give you the opportunity to prepare financially for a fixed option. Usually bridges that replace 8 missing teeth on 1 arch have really questionable prognosis. Most likely implant supported restorations that will replace 8 missing teeth will be a better choice. You should discover different options for your treatment, discuss all advantages and disadvantages of each one with your doctor.

Implants are the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

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Depending on which teeth are missing will ultimately decide what is the best treatment for your particular missing teeth.  A flipper is a adequate temporary esthetic fix, but they are meant to be temporary.  A bridge may be a viable treatment for you, but without knowing which teeth are missing it is hard to determine.  Bridges only have an average lifespan of about 5 years, whereas properly placed and restord implants will last you a lifetime.  Seek out the advice of a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and properly trained restoring dentist to help in your proper treatment

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Down 8 teeth.

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I would definitely urge you against a bridge.  A flipper is just a temporary esthetic device we use usually while we are in a phase waiting to go on to the more definitive treatment.  Dental implants are far and away your best treatment option.  While they may cost more up front, you will have the full function of teeth and ability to chew.  Bridges are quick easier and less expensive sometimes, but can break down in the long run.  The remaining teeth become overloaded and start to break down in different ways. 

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Inexpensive Acryclic flipper for tooth replacement instead of bridge or implants

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A"flipper " is a temporary functional and esthetic solution while permanent treatment is being done .It is not strong or functional enough to last an adequate amount of time . Made of acrylic does not provide neither  proper support or comfort ....It is just made for grinning !!!!

Laura Torrado, DDS
New York Dentist

Flippers are quick cheap replacements

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Flippers generally don't cost a lot of money for a dentist to provide. They don't have great retention and sometimes "flip" around while speaking and eating. Hence the nick-name. A well made flipper can get you by until you can make the best tooth replacement decisions work for you. Looks like you are in Snohomish. If you call our office, we can give you a competetive estimate for dental implants. 425-453-2007

Let me know. Thanks.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Do not recommend flippers or bridges

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The optimal way to replace teeth with long term service and comfort of use are implants. Flippers are only temporary measures and bridges are too damaging and have shorter life spans. With 8 missing teeth, depending on their distribution (exactly where in mouth) , you may need less number of implants to replace them.

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Flippers are horrible,,and not permanent..

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No body likes flippers because they are weak and dont fit well and not intended for food chewing. If you have to remove something before you eat then its not a good option for a nice life. Bridges are nice if the teeth around them are healthy. Also partial dentures and more structured and may provide enough strenth to even chew with. Implants are the best but the most expensive route. Save for implants..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Good, better, best

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As with most things in life, there is good, better, and best.  These are usually tied into cost.  Good is the least expensive, and best the most.  The best usually involves implants and/or bridges.  Good can be a "flipper" for aesthetics only and better can involve something in the middle like a partial denture of Snap-on-Teeth.

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