Missing Teeth 5 and 25 How to Fix It with Braces? Do I Have to Have Implants for the Perfect Bite?

I'm wearing braces to correct a treatment done a long time ago. I have two missing teeth 5 and 25, the space has been closed already, but the right side of my mouth seems to be fuller than the left and the upper teeth is not aligned because of the missing teeth in the bottom. I wish to know if it's better to have the space open again and have implants done while having my orthodontics treatment done.

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Balance is beautiful

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Sometimes straight teeth don't look beautiful. There is a lot to be said about function and balance. It is better to have the right number of teeth. Having said that, we often do camouflage treatments to make things look different and balanced. It is case by case and you might consider seeing an orthodontist for the best option for your case.

Vijay Bhagia, DMD, MS
Board Certified in Orthodontics

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