Missing Molar and Invisalign

I have one missing first molar on left side and the first molar on right side might need to come out as well. I am getting invisalign to correct my overjet/overbite issue, the treatment time would be 18-20 months. The orthodontist suggested I can put implant half way through the treatment and the final restoration after the completion of treatment. Can my other teeth function well without 2 first molars on both sides? Will I have issues chewing food properly?

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Implants during Invisalign

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Hi Buttercookie!

Sounds like your orthodontist made a good suggestion... to place the implant half-way through treatment.

You might notice some chewing inefficiencies but it will only be minor and temporary - until you get your implants restored.


Dr. Alper


New York Dentist

Missing molars are no problem for Invisalign

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Your chewing function may be reduced a bit but should be fine. Your treatment sounds well planned and makes sense to me. Make sure you ask your DDS if he can put in pontics which are fake teeth placed in the aligners so that no one can tell you are missing those teeth..Fabulous!

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

State of the Art Dentistry

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Your Orthodontist is looking out for your best. Reccomending that you should have an implant placed midway through treatment means he knows exactly where your teeth are going to end up. Very important in our practice when we do these cases a surgical guide as to exactly where the implant should be placed is critical. Have your orthodontist and your IMplant dentist discuss this prior to surgery.

Missing molars

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We deal with people who are missing teeth all of the time.  Never seen a problem....you should be fine!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Missing molars and Invisalign

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It is far better for you long term to have your missing molars replaced.  This is because these teeth "anchor" your bite and keep it healthy and stable.  Not having these teeth can result in drifting, tipping teeth, and instability of your bite, as well as loss of chewing ability.  Your orthodontist's idea of placing the implants during Invisalign treatment, and having the crowns placed after, is fine.  Usually we do not place implants until we're sure the adjacent teeth will not have to move at all, so if that will be the case halfway through your treatment then placing the implants at that time is fine.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Short term missing molars is not a big deal

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While you will adapt initially to missing molars, if left alone it could lead to significant issues.  It won't affect the Invisalign treatment in any way and sequencing implant treatment concurrently is common.

Missing Molars and Invisalign

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Your dentist's treatment plan sounds very reasonable. If your question is will you miss molars during treatment then the answer is you'll adapt but if your question is will I miss molars because I'm thinking of not having the implants placed and I'll deal with the spaces forever then my answer would be different. You do NOT want to have missing first molars for the rest of your life, this will cause a miriad of potential problems. You will be happy that you straightened your teeth with Invisalign and extremely happy that you replaced your missing first molars.

Good luck!

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