Missed Period After Tummy Tuck

I had my last period on May 5th, got TT surgery on June 17th and I still haven't gotten my period. I had done several pregnancy test but their are all negavite. Could surgery have delay my period??

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Missed Period after Surgery

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Thank you for the question.

It is not unusual for patients' menstrual cycles  to be  delayed after surgery.  This typically resumes its normal cycle to 3 months after surgery;  if not a visit with your GYN will be helpful.

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Missed periods after TT

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Surgery is stressful to the body and your hormones can become unbalanced for awhile.  It is not uncommon for a period to come early or late.  You have done the pregnancy tests so it's reasonably safe to assume you are not pregnant, but after three months I would see a doctor if no period arrives.

Hormonal stress from surgery

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The stress of surgery can wreck havoc on your hormonal system and can cause periods to come early or stop.  If this doesn't resolve soon, please go to your gyn for a checkup.

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