Bite off with Only 5 Weeks of Invisalign Treatment Left

I have 5 weeks (of a 20 week period) left on my Invisilign to correct two slightly protruding teeth (one upper, one lower). However, when I remove my trays, my bite is off so much that it causes a dull ache in both sides of my lower jaw. My orthodontist tells me it may be something I have to learn to live with. I did not have the problem before the Invisilign. Is this something that can be corrected with additional trays after the final impressions for my retainer are made?

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Teeth "settle" after orthodontic treatment

It is not unusual for the bite to feel different after orthodontics (wires or trays) and normally the bite "settles" over time.  Some teeth shift and some wear into function. 

If after a certain amount of time determined by your dentist/orthodontist, a bite adjustment/refinement/equilibration can be done.

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