Why Would A Doc Suggest Not Looking in the Mirror After Lipo?

i saw that one of the doctors around here responded that he advises the patients to not even look in the mirror for 6 months after the operation of liposuction. now why would he say that?

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Why Would A Doc Suggest Not Looking in the Mirror After Lipo?

Every doctor is an individual with his/her experience, beliefs and ways of doing things.

Liposuction is associated with swelling which is distressing to many people who were led to believe (TV, magazines, unethical marketing) that the process is a lunch hour procedure. With an unrealistic understanding of what to expect before surgery, many people are understandably poorly prepared for what they see immediately after surgery and are prematurely disappointed and upset with what they see.

I prefer to see my patients as partners NOT as people to sell procedures to by withholding information. A well-educated patient not only understands ALL her options with their shortcomings and strengths but is prepared for and understands the recovery process. This makes taking care of them a pleasure rather than a chore. I do not tell them to hide from the mirror. It is a silly request in my opinion. Not only because no one will obey it but because the patient has the RIGHT to see what see looks like after spending so much money and effort. Instead, I ask them to look in the mirror and compare it to their BEFORE pictures. A well done liposuction, even in the early stages, will demonstrate a significant improvement; One which gets better as the swelling decreases.

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